India Kenning has a multidisciplinary practice using elements from nature which she repositions into a gallery setting. Cultivating caring relationships with nonhuman matter she works sensitively with materials to form symbiotic relationships with elements such as rock, water, living bacteria and plant materials. As fragments or micro-ecologies of place, the ephemerality and fragility of these elements becomes apparent. The process of repositioning demonstrates the ‘assembled landscapes’ ability to echo the agency and vulnerability of the nonhuman. The precarious positioning of the elements from nature, in the gallery, act as prompts to consider my response to place and urges to care and protect.

Graduating a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) at Adelaide College of the Arts in 2017, Kenning was selected to exhibit as part of  the 2018 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition where she received The MinterEllison Award recognising an emerging female artist with outstanding creative potential.

Kenning was awarded first class Honours from the University of Tasmania, School of Creative Arts and Media in 2019. In March 2020 India presented her first solo exhibition with Constance ARI in the subterranean corridors of Princes Park Magazine located in Battery Point, Hobart.

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