India Kenning has a multidisciplinary practice, merging performative process, body art, sound and moving image to form sculptural objects and installation. With the body at its core, her work embraces the use of the artist’s physical self as both subject and object, directly and in-directly. Creating hybrid forms of movement and sound, she works to accumulate energies and create a sense of presence. Drawing on personal and philosophical theories of the body, she examines it as a separate entity to the self. Navigating the body’s own modes and rhythms, while intervening within it’s unknown internal spaces.

Graduating a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) at Adelaide College of the Arts in 2017, Kenning was selected to exhibit as part of  the 2018 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition where she received The MinterEllison Award recognising an emerging female artist with outstanding creative potential.

Kenning is currently based in Hobart, Tasmania, undertaking her Honours in Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Creative Arts through the University of Tasmania.