India Kenning has a multidisciplinary practice spanning from video, drawing and painting to sculptural interventions using natural elements of the Tasmanian environment. Working with a sensitivity to her materials she creates micro-ecologies of place. Throughout her practice India has utilised natural elements such as water, ice, rock and plant-matter to inform or interfere with her work. Her current practice embraces an artistic attentiveness to the natural world that surrounds her living closely with nature in nipaluna, lutruwita (Tasmania, Australia).

Through her drawing and painting practice Kenning embraces a hand-made process using natural fabrics, raw pigments and stitching to construct narratives of place. The works involve staining, layering and weathering natural materials to evoke the decay and regeneration she witnesses in her surrounding environment. The process of assembling these paintings suggest a hand-made construction and exploration through a Tasmanian colour palette.

Relocating to Tasmania in 2019, India graduated with First Class Honours from the School of Creative Arts and Media. She went on to produce her first solo exhibition Elemental Systems presented by Constance ARI in the underground battery of Princes Park in Battery Point, Hobart and has since collaborated in group exhibitions and projects.

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